Atelier - Women's circle (English & French)

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Le paiement de l'atelier de 35 chf se fait directement par twint auprès de Bethania une fois que tu réserves l'atelier dans ton panier en retrait boutique.

Discover this workshop taught by our Doula, Holistic Therapist, and Intuitive Healer, Bethania. 

She will welcome you for a moment of pause dedicated to yourself. Stay in a circle to share, relax, meditate, get creative, listen, and be heard. “ Women’s Circle” at Fegyna is all about participating in a group activity where you feel safe and supported, cozy and free to be just as you are. Join each month or whenever it feels right for you. This is a 2h experience where you will have the chance to discover something new about yourself and others, get a moment to slow pace and silence yourself, and meet other women in a gentle, safe, confidential, and intimate space. Delicious warm organic tea and snacks will be provided. You will be most of the time sitting on the ground, in a circle. Each month, the group will be guided through different activities to get participants to leave the room feeling nourished, refreshed, inspired, and relaxed. None of the activities suggested during the circle will be obligatory. You can just come and rest or watch it! The main goal is to create a space for women to come and join a cocoon-like space where they feel good about themselves.

All participants will have the opportunity of a private tour of Fegyna’s shop upon arrival and a special 10% discount on all products on that evening.

Language: EN/FR

This activity welcomes all speaking languages. We will find a way to communicate and share! The facilitator speaks fluent English, Portuguese, and Greek, and she understands and speaks basic French and Spanish. Participants will help with translation and you are welcome to make all the sharing in your mother tongue language. Please don’t let the language be a barrier on your way to joining this beautiful moment to be created. 


Ø Arrival: participants have the chance of a private tour at Fegyna’s shop, prepare to enter the atelier room, cash payment if not done in advance

Ø Entering the room: welcome all participants with a cup of warm the and an invitation to find a place in the circle and remain in silence

Ø Welcome: Introduction to the circle and facilitator, housekeeping, explanation of golden rules of the circle

Ø Start: Invitation to a grounding guided meditation, set of an intention for the evening

Ø Circle: Theme of the day/ inspirational words, sharing circle, creative activity of the day, movement, meditation

Ø Closing: sharing of impressions and experience, feedback, closure activity, and time for personal closure, tea, and warm goodbyes before departure

Ø Important!!! All the activities are suggestions - including the sharing circle! No suggestion is obligatory! Come as you are, go on your pace, and stay as quiet or as talkative as you feel on the day. :)  


Women are wired to connect and bond. The benefits of deepening our connection with ourselves and our connection with others go beyond the sense of well-being. Human beings are wired to connect! But women especially, women need social interaction and support to thrive. 

The feeling of feeling heard and cared for, having a safe space to share and express ourselves, and building trust and strong bonds with other women, are a few of the elements present in a women’s circle. And those are also essential key elements for the optimal emotional, physical, and mental health of women. Science will tell us that being with other women in a non-judgmental and safe environment can reduce the levels of stress and predict better health. Women discover themselves, empower themselves, heal themselves, and inspire themselves for a better life and relationship with Self and others when they are together. 

Our monthly Women’s circle with Bethania and Fegyna can inspire you to feel good about yourself, to feel more trustful and encouraged to make decisions and changes in your life, to help you find insights on the quality of your relationships, can make you feel more relaxed and enhance sense of well-being. 

Sitting in a circle together in a quiet and beautiful space has been for many a monthly dose of inspiration, belonging, and sisterhood! We are all together! We laugh, have fun, cry, and grow together! We are not alone. Come and be part of this beautiful growing community of women just like you.

Open to all.


Bethania is a doula, mother-to-be mentor, holistic therapist, and intuitive healer. She holds a Degree in Performing Arts from the University of Campinas in Brazil (Unicamp) and has over 25 years of experience facilitating and holding safe spaces for people of all ages to discover, explore, and heal. 

Over the years Bethania has helped hundreds of people on their path to find ways to connect to themselves, nurture their inner wisdom, and express the most powerful and expansive parts of themselves to the outside world. 

Bethania’s inner transformation and spiritual journey started at the age of nine. Her lifelong dedication to mind-heart-body practices started in her teenage years. She has remained curious and dedicated ever since. 

Since 2012 Bethania has been focused on guiding, inspiring, and supporting young and wise women at all stages of their lives. Bethania has been a secure source of inspiration for many looking into discovery, transformation, guidance, support, and healing. Throughout the first menstruation period and emotional preparation before conception, to pregnancy months, childbirth, motherhood’s life, and womanhood’s journey, Bethania will be there for you.

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